A Book Review: The Country Housewife’s Book

Persephone Books is one the greatest bookshops I’ve ever come across. Based in London, their aim is to find and republish out-of-print books written mostly by women. They have 107 of such books to date; fiction and non-fiction; from well known names like Virginia Woolf, to not so well known names. What I love about it, is that they have simply taken these books and placed them back into the spotlight, and given everyone a chance to enjoy them again. What a fantastic idea. The books are all very well considered, with emphasis not just on the writing but on the authors too. The design of the books is simple, yet thoughtful. The dove-grey cover gives a sense of the intelligence within, and the end-papers are colourful designs, evocative the time they were written or written about. What more could an avid book reader want. Continue reading

A Book Review: The Illustrated History of the Housewife

The role of the housewife has played a very strong and relevant part in social history. Although it has been generally ignored, housewifery has had to withstand and evolve through historical events and technological changes. Over the last 150 years or more, advertising has been a big influence on how a housewife runs her household and feeds her family. Even wars have affected the woman’s role in the home and the decisions, sometimes difficult, that she has had to make. Continue reading