Video: How To Make an 18th Century Bride Cake

Food historian Ivan Day makes an 18th Century wedding cake. Source: BBC Two - James Martin: Home Comforts, Series 3, Food to Share, History foods: 18th Century bride cake

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‘The Whole Duty of a Woman’ in 1737

Recipes from 1737

All Things Georgian

Well, who would have believed it, in 1737 a book was written outlining how a woman should behave!  It is a fascinating little book as combined with The Duty of a Virgin, a Wife and a Widow we have cookery recipes, modesty, religion and best of all ‘a wife’s behaviour to a drunkard’.

It could possibly have been a Georgian equivalent of a ‘Mrs Beeton’ maybe.  The book was written to provide a woman with guidance about how to live her life during all three stages and appears to have been written from a female perspective although whether it was actually written by a woman seems unclear.  In all likelihood it was written by a man and there appear to be some suggestions that it could have been written by a William Kenrick, but whether correct or not we will never know as the book had no author…

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