New Programme – Victorian Bakers

victorian bakers

New series. Four bakers leave their businesses behind to experience what their profession was like during the Victorian era, working from a rural bake house kitted out exactly as it would have been in the 1830s, while historians Alex Langlands and Annie Gray fill in the background story. In this edition the bakers must get to grips with centuries-old methods of bread making, and that means doing everything by hand.
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Wartime Oven Temperatures

If you’ve wanted to try a wartime recipe, you may have felt confused by how hot the oven needs to be. Today we are told the actual temperature, in the old days you would have known how hot an oven needed to be when told ‘a moderate oven’ or ‘a hot oven.’ Such terms are rather alien today. An explanation of this can be found in Marguerite Patten’s book ‘Victory Cookbook.’ Here she gives a simplified understanding of those oven temperatures with today’s equivalent. Continue reading