How To Build A Medieval Castle

Yes, really. This time they’ve really bitten the bullet on historical re-enactment. Ruth, Peter and Tom, previously seen on the Tudor Monastery Farm, have travelled to France to take part in an archaeological project of huge proportions. Using 13th century tools and materials, they learn how a castle was built. As someone who loves Medieval history, this is right up my street. And if their past enthusiasm (pun unintended) is anything to go by, they’ll be doing this with gusto. Continue reading

The Land of England – A Book Review

This book is subtitled English Country Customs through the Ages, and is a reminder that, once upon a time, most of the people of England lived the country. The urbanisation that we recognise is a fairly modern phenomenon that really only pushed forward over the last one hundred years or so. As a result we have all but lost touch with how our ancestors lived. It was a way of life that continued for thousands of years, and proves that living off the land was a skill in itself. Continue reading