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24 Hours in the Past – New TV Series Commissioned

A new historical factual series has been commissioned by the BBC. 24 Hours in the Past, with Ruth Goodman (Victorian Farm), will be supervising six famous faces as they are challenged to live like the poorest Victorians over four days and nights. The BBC Media Centre describes it thus:

Four-part series 24 Hours In The Past is a living, breathing, dirty, smelly immersive history series that reveals daily life as it really was for the poorest of the poor in Victorian Britain. Continuously filmed in original, authentic locations over four days and nights, six famous faces will travel back in time to undertake the endurance challenge of a lifetime as they struggle to cope with 24 hours in some of Victorian Britain’s toughest workplaces.

Using real life testimonies from the time to bring the past back to life, there will be real blood, sweat and tears as we experience first-hand the hardships they must have endured. Supervised by Ruth Goodman (Victorian Farm) they will have to work just as our predecessors did – in the most gruelling, back-breaking, blister inducing, vomit-worthy jobs imaginable.

No date for airing the programme has been given as yet.

Ruth Goodman (left) in the Tudor Monastery Farm
Ruth Goodman (left) in the Tudor Monastery Farm



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    1. Yes. I’ve been thinking the same. I find it rather boring to see celebrities all the time. So I hope they make it really interesting. Ruth is really great to watch and learn from.

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