Fab Free Stash of Clothes Patterns

Sleeping on the Edge of Sleep

Today I’m in pain from a very busy day yesterday (for me anyhow). But despite the pain there’s a smile on my face. I actually went out. The second time this year. It was a spur of the moment decision when I saw an offer on Freecycle. When I saw the email I knew I had to have it – a stash of old knitting and sewing patterns. I was taking a chance as I needed to drive there and I hadn’t driven my car for some months. The chap I got them from said to be there after 6PM, so I was able to take my time getting ready. On looking at my car, it really needed to be washed. Would I be able to go anywhere as it hadn’t been driven for a while? It started first time – phew! So down to the car wash to…

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