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Medieval Housewives – A Book Review

An update of this book can be found here.

Medieval Housewives & Women of the Middle Ages by Toni Mount

When I decided to start this blog, I wondered what information I would find. After all, the housewife is not a straight forward subject. The average everyday woman in history has little or no recorded history. As Toni Mount writes in her book ‘Medieval Housewives and Women of the Middle Ages’

“Even when ‘peasants’ are referred to, it is the men rather than the women who get mentioned.”

In ‘Medieval Housewives’, a culmination of twenty years of research, Toni Mount has gleaned enough historical evidence to give an insight of the role of women in the middle ages and how they were viewed by law.

The general view of Medieval women has always seemed to be one of restriction to marriage and childbirth, with little or no education. And yet, in Toni’s engaging book, women had to more adaptable to their circumstance, gaining a wide range of skills. For a poor women, these skills many and were a matter of necessity to help her husband and look after her family. Even the women who had married well could find themselves in circumstance where they had to earn money, even by going into trade. Silk woman, brewer, book binder… there are a surprising amount of occupations that were considered acceptable for women.

Toni really opens up how these women lived their everyday lives. For more information take a look at Toni’s website.


One thought on “Medieval Housewives – A Book Review

  1. Your observations, of what is written in these books, is encouraging to any would be readers. Once the book is opened and getting deeply absorbed would make it very hard to put down till the last page. Learning of past life for housewives and how fortunate the housewives of today are in comparison, gives gives food for thought. I was a 1950’s housewife and can say, life today, and still as a housewife, is a doddle compared to back then.

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