First post

I’ve always had a love of history. When I decided to do my family tree, I realised I had so much to learn about the people I was discovering. So I started filling in details about jobs, interests, etc. Yet the people who interested me the most were the ones who held the threads of the family together – the housewives. They are the ones who kept the home in shape, fed the family, nursed the sick, cleaned the clothes, (made the clothes) and didn’t have much time, if any, to think about themselves. I can hear my Mum agreeing as I write. When my parents married they didn’t have two ha’pennys to rub together. Their first home was a tiny cottage with no electricity and only a range to cook on. The range had to be blacked every day, the washing was done by hand, and water heated up on the range. How times have changed. And yet we seem to hark back to those times and see the positives of such hard work and labour. (I think my Mum would prefer how things are now).

So I dedicate this blog to those women who worked so hard.