Vintage Advertised Goods Still Available Today

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Reading through a vintage ladies magazine today from 1942, it surprising to see how many advertised goods are still available today. So I did a run-through of the adverts on Google, to see what of the more obscure items I could find still being produced today. The total amount ran up to 45 items! So I thought you might like to see what I found.

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A Nostalgic Look At Paying the Rates

Originally posted on Sleeping on the Edge of Sleep:

I recently acquired lots of vintage women’s magazines dating from 1943-1952. It’s been great fun reading them. I love the articles, readers letters and patterns. The adverts are the most interesting. This article particularly caught my attention. It’s a light read by Marian Conway, about the different ways she’s raised money to pay the rates (does anyone still remember the rates office?) It really made me smile, so I thought I would share it. It’s from August 1948. I hope you enjoy it.

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