Wartime Oven Temperatures

If you’ve wanted to try a wartime recipe, you may have felt confused by how hot the oven needs to be. Today we are told the actual temperature, in the old days you would have known how hot an oven needed to be when told ‘a moderate oven’ or ‘a hot oven.’ Such terms are rather alien today. An explanation of this can be found in Marguerite Patten’s book ‘Victory Cookbook.’ Here she gives a simplified understanding of those oven temperatures with today’s equivalent. Continue reading

‘The Whole Duty of a Woman’ in 1737

Charlotte Clark:

Recipes from 1737

Originally posted on All Things Georgian:

Well, who would have believed it, in 1737 a book was written outlining how a woman should behave!  It is a fascinating little book as combined with The Duty of a Virgin, a Wife and a Widow we have cookery recipes, modesty, religion and best of all ‘a wife’s behaviour to a drunkard’.

It could possibly have been a Georgian equivalent of a ‘Mrs Beeton’ maybe.  The book was written to provide a woman with guidance about how to live her life during all three stages and appears to have been written from a female perspective although whether it was actually written by a woman seems unclear.  In all likelihood it was written by a man and there appear to be some suggestions that it could have been written by a William Kenrick, but whether correct or not we will never know as the book had no author…

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A Book Review: The Country Housewife’s Book

Persephone Books is one the greatest bookshops I’ve ever come across. Based in London, their aim is to find and republish out-of-print books written mostly by women. They have 107 of such books to date; fiction and non-fiction; from well known names like Virginia Woolf, to not so well known names. What I love about it, is that they have simply taken these books and placed them back into the spotlight, and given everyone a chance to enjoy them again. What a fantastic idea. The books are all very well considered, with emphasis not just on the writing but on the authors too. The design of the books is simple, yet thoughtful. The dove-grey cover gives a sense of the intelligence within, and the end-papers are colourful designs, evocative the time they were written or written about. What more could an avid book reader want. Continue reading